8 Open-Source Data Analysis Projects for Your Resume (2023)

Lionel Tchami ♾️☁️
5 min readJun 21, 2023

What is the 21st century’s fuel?

Data!! As more and more people around the world get used to online systems, tech companies and other organizations are trying to digitize everything that used to be done by hand. All of that adds even more data.

Did you Know?

In the last 20 years, the use of the internet has increased data almost as much as it did in the 100 years before that. Tech companies and other groups are working hard to figure out how to use all of this data.

This makes the area of data explode, and people want to hire experts in this niche.

There are currently more than 60+ niches in the field of data, and each one is different in its own way.


📌 Now let’s come back to our main topic. 📌

After interviewing around in the past years, something has become very clear, you need more than just a simple Resume to land your first job.

As a beginner what you need is experience obviously, but to make yourself worthwhile** you have to work on Projects to make your GitHub profile and portfolio shine for recruiters**.

The more the projects on your portofolio the better. What would make you outshine all others in an interview are the variety of projects you have worked on.

Here I am going to share 8 Free Projects which will help you shine & fulfill your gaps.

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📌 Let’s get started then! 🚀🚀


1. Using Python to analyze finances and budgets

Most of the jobs that are open in the Finance market are for Data Analysts.

As there are whole teams to handle a different level of data. I hope that this first project gave you a good idea and a good look at how work is done in big enterprises/companies.



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